Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

I truly believe it's the simplest, smallest things that often mean the most.  Here's a great example: early yesterday morning a friend ran into a convenient store to grab a quick cup of coffee when she ran into an older, unfamiliar man who ended up really making her day.  What did he do?  It probably seemed like nothing really to him: he just said a few kind, positive words.  But little did he know that those words were so appropriate for the challenging day she had ahead of her.  It truly touched her (in fact, it was so meaningful it brought tears to her eyes!)  That being said, the smallest things can really mean so much and fill our hearts & memories for a lifetime.  I am certain my friend carried those words of encouragement with her all day--playing them over and over in her head, all the while bringing a smile to her face and keeping her strong through her day.  And I'm willing to bet she'll reflects back on them for many years to come! 

I encourage you to pay it forward.  Simply share a warm smile, maybe say a kind word, make a simple doesn't cost you anything more then a few seconds of your time and you'll benefit by feeling really good by making someone's day that much better!  Whatever it is remember: the smallest things can be so very special & fill someones heart for a lifetime.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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